Friday, March 20, 2015

Hello Springtime!

Hello to Spring.  A favorite season.  Truth be told, they all are but Springtime holds that hopefulness.  Here is a list of my favorite things All Spring.
~ longer days of sunshine
~ pastel colors.  Flowers. Skies. Shoes. 
~ asparagus.  Those thin spires appearing at the markets.  Mmmmm, roasted with a little olive oil drizzle and salt a pepper.  Yes please.  
~ warmer days. We in Southern California are so very fortunate to have the most sublime weather.  Talked to my NY girlfriend and her report of all day snow had her voice sounding crest fallen.  I couldn't bear to tell her our sunny temps.  
~ dieting. Yes, the ultimate four letter word - D I E T. New Years resolutions have all fallen to the wayside and reality hits.  Short sleeves, short shorts and the ultimate reality - swimsuits.  You know the regimine is good for you.  Improve your life.  
~ long walks
~ fuzzy wuzzy caterpillars and the brilliant butterflies they become. 
~ ranunculus. The Carlsbad Flower Fields are waking up and are spectacular. You can see the bands of color from the freeway. It takes your breath away. 
~ open windows. Fresh air flowing through the house chasing the musty dusties away. 
~ minneola tangelos on the fruit shelves. Oh yummy!  

Those are a few of mine....what are yours?  

Sunday, March 15, 2015

New days. (written over a month ago but I never hit publish -oops).

38 days ago we downsized from a 2400 square foot home.  Two stories, four beds, three baths.  Great view from the bluffs. It is a beautiful home.  I loved it until our financial downsizing came two years ago and ate up all our retirement savings, our emotional savings and aged my face and soul. Our marriage of 30+ years was painful. Guilt, blame, resentment wrapped in silent tolerance.  So I stopped waiting for a fix to fall out of the sky and started soul searching, bank account searching and a realization dawned that two people occupying that large carbon and financial footprint was completely too too much.  Changes had to come.
Enter Moonlight Lane...

We now live in a 1200 square foot twinhome in a 55+ community.  One story, two bed, two bath and perfect.  A little backyard for "the babies" and my garden which is a mess today but the dreams are there on "The List". (Just to warn, I love lists.)  There have been updates that I will share in the future and there are updates that are still forming.  I will be playing catch-up on the move and changes surrounding it but that will be part of the background as my life expands within my smaller shelter.

I am more content here than the biggie-home.  I am accepting the turn of a new decade in my life.  I am livIng within my new means. I can manage my expectations.  I can move. I can stretch. I can breathe. Ah, breathe...what a relief. 

Here is my new journey that I step into with peace and anticipation.