Hello Springtime!

Hello to Spring.  A favorite season.  Truth be told, they all are but Springtime holds that hopefulness.  Here is a list of my favorite things All Spring.
~ longer days of sunshine
~ pastel colors.  Flowers. Skies. Shoes. 
~ asparagus.  Those thin spires appearing at the markets.  Mmmmm, roasted with a little olive oil drizzle and salt a pepper.  Yes please.  
~ warmer days. We in Southern California are so very fortunate to have the most sublime weather.  Talked to my NY girlfriend and her report of all day snow had her voice sounding crest fallen.  I couldn't bear to tell her our sunny temps.  
~ dieting. Yes, the ultimate four letter word - D I E T. New Years resolutions have all fallen to the wayside and reality hits.  Short sleeves, short shorts and the ultimate reality - swimsuits.  You know the regimine is good for you.  Improve your life.  
~ long walks
~ fuzzy wuzzy caterpillars and the brilliant butterflies they become. 
~ ranunculus. The Carlsbad Flower Fields are waking up and are spectacular. You can see the bands of color from the freeway. It takes your breath away. 
~ open windows. Fresh air flowing through the house chasing the musty dusties away. 
~ minneola tangelos on the fruit shelves. Oh yummy!  

Those are a few of mine....what are yours?