New days. (written over a month ago but I never hit publish -oops).

38 days ago we downsized from a 2400 square foot home.  Two stories, four beds, three baths.  Great view from the bluffs. It is a beautiful home.  I loved it until our financial downsizing came two years ago and ate up all our retirement savings, our emotional savings and aged my face and soul. Our marriage of 30+ years was painful. Guilt, blame, resentment wrapped in silent tolerance.  So I stopped waiting for a fix to fall out of the sky and started soul searching, bank account searching and a realization dawned that two people occupying that large carbon and financial footprint was completely too too much.  Changes had to come.
Enter Moonlight Lane...

We now live in a 1200 square foot twinhome in a 55+ community.  One story, two bed, two bath and perfect.  A little backyard for "the babies" and my garden which is a mess today but the dreams are there on "The List". (Just to warn, I love lists.)  There have been updates that I will share in the future and there are updates that are still forming.  I will be playing catch-up on the move and changes surrounding it but that will be part of the background as my life expands within my smaller shelter.

I am more content here than the biggie-home.  I am accepting the turn of a new decade in my life.  I am livIng within my new means. I can manage my expectations.  I can move. I can stretch. I can breathe. Ah, breathe...what a relief. 

Here is my new journey that I step into with peace and anticipation.