Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Meditation.


What a week that just was.  Obamacare woohoo!  Health insurance for all.  There is still work to be done towards single payer but we are securely on the road to every person being able to receive wellness care to illness management.  Stick a thermometer in that, Scalia.

The Confederate flag finally falling.  That symbol has been completely inappropriate for all these years.  The flag of treason, hatred, subjugation and the middle finger to all blacks is now tabu in nearly all corners of the nation.  Even Walmart has banned the sale of its likeness.  Long, long overdue.  

Then the Friday victory affirming that all love is just that, love.  No more same sex marriage, just marriage.   In all it's colors and incarnations, we are greater by that validation of each and every person being equal.   The earth did not quake.  The seas did not engulf the land.  Fire did not consume the skies above.  We all woke Saturday morning to soccer games, farmers markets and piles of laundry, just like every other week.  

The  American spirit has affirmed its greatness.

Let freedom ring.  

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Place to Hang One's Hat

The settling in on Moonlight Lane continues.  I have been remiss in posting as we have gotten ourselves settled these past three months but my intention is to catch up and to keep you up on all the improvements.

This small addition is perfect.  A hat rack just inside the front door to serve as easy grab and go for my garden hat, Mr. B's denim jacket and a straw tote.  After shopping on line, wandering Marshall's and World Market, I found this perfectly sized rack at Target!

Threshold™ 27" Hook Rail with Flared Tri-Hooks - White/Satin Nickel

More than reasonably priced at $24.99, incredibly easy to install and a really clean look just inside my front entry door. 

Here it is with all the necessities just waiting for that grab and go.  Et Voila!

Next project- find someone to demo the dated glass front door glass, original to the 1970's construction.  Have the replacement piece, just need someone to install..... the search continues.  

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Meditation

Feeling a bit overwhelmed right now: awkward Fathers Day brunch with eldest daughter-why am I never enough?,  busy season at work so long hours and stress levels at the max, a nap is never quite enough, need to lose weight,  finish reading my current book, get the dogs to the vet, me to the doctor/dentist, garden watered, kitchen cupboards painted, guest bedroom uncluttered, front door window installed, a summertime cold that I just can't shake, patch holes in the wall from botched shelf install, save more for retirement, put that dream of Paris back on the shelf, what's for dinner,  file personal paperwork, new hinges installed on my bathroom cupboards, eat less/move more.......ahhhhhhhhh!  To Do -Too Much!  I feel I have a full-on mud facial going here and need God to be that girlfriend that holds my hair.  

Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday Meditation

Only a Monday can elicit this........

Sunday, June 7, 2015

55+ Hood and All You Need is a Dog....or two

Being leery of moving to a 55+ community, I am only 60 after all, I have found this is just right for me/us.  We have reduced our carbon footprint to half, we have reduced our mortgage to half, and we have met some of the neighbors.  Some are incredibly friendly while others are hunched grumpies. 

Being a dog owner I have the extra advantage to meet fellow owners and chat.  We are a very friendly group as we take after our four-footed companions, with a happy hello and wag of our tails.   Our leashed companions are a good starting point for our introductions.  "Oh how cute."  "Be nice."  "What are their names?"  "Oh, I am ____." (Our identities an incidental just like when we had our children at the park.  "I am so-and-so's mom"). 

Here are the folks in our little community:  Doreen with her tiny Yorkie girl, Tiffany.  Lives next door and I am charmed by her British accent and her incredible twinkle-in-the-eye whit.  Carol, on the other side, more practical and definitely plays by the rules.  Ruth and Gordon, also new additions to the neighborhood, Pug owners with Pugsley and Peppa (father and son bullies).  Fidel and his wife a few houses up and happy walkers/owners of Mickie Jean, a cute little black and white mix with her skip in her step.  Pam and her Schnauzer, Sadie.  Vivian, from South Africa and her Schnauzer, Bungie that has the cutest hoppity-prance you have ever seen.   Susan, another Brit and her gray-faced pug.  All met while on our walk-sniff, pee-sniff, bark-sniff rounds in the early evening.  I have even met some without a canine companion, Sally with her sprig of rosemary in hand, just out to get a stretch of the legs and some fresh air.

So, here is the lesson: Want to get to know more of your neighbors.....get a dog.