Monday Meditation.


What a week that just was.  Obamacare woohoo!  Health insurance for all.  There is still work to be done towards single payer but we are securely on the road to every person being able to receive wellness care to illness management.  Stick a thermometer in that, Scalia.

The Confederate flag finally falling.  That symbol has been completely inappropriate for all these years.  The flag of treason, hatred, subjugation and the middle finger to all blacks is now tabu in nearly all corners of the nation.  Even Walmart has banned the sale of its likeness.  Long, long overdue.  

Then the Friday victory affirming that all love is just that, love.  No more same sex marriage, just marriage.   In all it's colors and incarnations, we are greater by that validation of each and every person being equal.   The earth did not quake.  The seas did not engulf the land.  Fire did not consume the skies above.  We all woke Saturday morning to soccer games, farmers markets and piles of laundry, just like every other week.  

The  American spirit has affirmed its greatness.

Let freedom ring.