Monday Meditation

Feeling a bit overwhelmed right now: awkward Fathers Day brunch with eldest daughter-why am I never enough?,  busy season at work so long hours and stress levels at the max, a nap is never quite enough, need to lose weight,  finish reading my current book, get the dogs to the vet, me to the doctor/dentist, garden watered, kitchen cupboards painted, guest bedroom uncluttered, front door window installed, a summertime cold that I just can't shake, patch holes in the wall from botched shelf install, save more for retirement, put that dream of Paris back on the shelf, what's for dinner,  file personal paperwork, new hinges installed on my bathroom cupboards, eat less/move more.......ahhhhhhhhh!  To Do -Too Much!  I feel I have a full-on mud facial going here and need God to be that girlfriend that holds my hair.