Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Meditation

This small portion of the poem Wild Geese is so lovely.  Stumbled on it while reading Women's Voices for Change, a great addition to every women's in-box by the way.  

This is a gentle reminder to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  A hard one for me.  Let the past go.  Put it down and walk on.  Remember the closing scene of Shakespeare in Love?  Lady Viola, with straight back walking with such confidence to her future.  She wasn't carrying any despair or self doubt on those shoulders.  The wind blowing her hair, skirt and any dusty hesitation of the soul.  Her every footfall bore confidence as she stride toward her future. 

Another reminder, let yourself be creative.  Do not judge.  Just get lost in the process. Soar. Create for creation's sake.  Color inside or outside the lines.  Just color.  Sign up for that class in watercolor painting.  Learn to use the new SLR camera you just bought.  Be the painter of your garden with colors, textures and fragrance.  Don't worry about approval.  Just do it and it will be Your Perfection.  

Become the soft animal.  And Love it all.  


Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Meditation

I was planning to blog this weekend about surviving a large lay off at my company.  Survivor's guilt and all that but the month-plus stress and then the final axe falling has left me drained.  I will post on the Survivor's Guilt syndrome this week but for today, I will turn the page and move forward with the new set of tasks that lay ahead.  These words shall pull me forward.  I will manifest each line.  Well, maybe not the sit ups....

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The bee cottage story

Just read charming book by Frances Schultz.  A sweet story of her redeeming a sense of worth in person and house.  She shares her personal two steps forward and one step back which reminds we all are imperfect but beautifully so.  Lovely photos of before and after of her life and this lovely cottage in the Hamptons, where charm wafts from every chimney and the windows wink their happiness.  

A really nice summer read with lovely photos.  And yes, another "perfect" kitchen to add to my Pinterest album.  If you love baskets as I do, watch out for the ones hanging over the window.   Open shelving which holds her sand collect gathered from all corners of our blue planet.  Then the Butler's Pantry and the most beautiful blue ceiling of BM Galapagos Turquoise.  Now where I am I going to get away with that in my cottage?  Hmmmmm, Mr B may really think the Merlot on the rocks has affected my common sense once and for all. 

Please pick this up and take the afternoon to read with some lemonade or tea.   Yes, just one afternoon and you will be inspired.  Then sit back with your Merlot on the rocks and dream of new projects for your cottage. 

Two thumbs up ladies!


Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Little Garden Work

Work continues on the cottage.  The backyard, here forward to be known as the garden, needs some real work.  With the drought now in full season, we are letting the grass die off so it is looking pretty ragtag. But one must start somewhere and this is the first labor intensive project.  The west fence.  

An overgrown patch of leggy geraniums that have been left on their own far too long.  So the anal tidy-up side of me says, "Time to go". I pull on my gloves and start pulling.  Some come easily while others still have strong roots.  After a good two hours of pulling, tugging, and raking followed by hole digging (holy cow that dirt is like concrete), I haul the smaller lemon to the middle for centering and plant the French lavender.  

The barren little stalks of an umbrella plant are on the left but I am not ready to dump it in the recycling.
There is still some life in it with this new brave branch so I will give it a chance.  It may move to a different location though so I can enjoy the ferns behind as they grow bigger when the cooler months return.  

The left of that border is our bedroom window so at night the calming scent of lavender will spill into our room bringing its calming aromatherapy and sweet dreams.  Mine will be of what comes next in the garden........


Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Meditation

We can be our own worst enemies.  Worry.  Worry.  Worry.
What will happen to me if I am laid off?
How will I make ends meet?  
Where will I ever find a job at my age?   
What about health insurance?   
Will my upcoming wellness check go well? 
Will I still be able to get a wellness check?   
Will I ever see Paris?  
Will the drought ever end?  
How will they relandscape our front yard and what if I hate it?  
Will the lavender planted this weekend thrive and scent my bedroom just right?  
Will the guy ever return to install the new window panel in the front door?  
Will mr b ever find an electrician to install bath lights and ceiling fan in the bedroom?  
How much will that cost?  
Will I ever file that stack of paperwork in the closet.  
Oh and that closet.......?  
One worry begets another.  
The mind can fly to every branch on the worry tree.  And what has that pesky bird ever given me?  Nothing but a sleepless night with tossing and turning.  Even my Xanax cannot shut it off! 

Mon ami, remember that the past has brought challenges but You survived.  
The future will bring whatever it will bring.  
Stay here - now - breathe - no matter what - All Will Be Well.  

Thanks Doris!  

Xoxo -hollybee