A Little Garden Work

Work continues on the cottage.  The backyard, here forward to be known as the garden, needs some real work.  With the drought now in full season, we are letting the grass die off so it is looking pretty ragtag. But one must start somewhere and this is the first labor intensive project.  The west fence.  

An overgrown patch of leggy geraniums that have been left on their own far too long.  So the anal tidy-up side of me says, "Time to go". I pull on my gloves and start pulling.  Some come easily while others still have strong roots.  After a good two hours of pulling, tugging, and raking followed by hole digging (holy cow that dirt is like concrete), I haul the smaller lemon to the middle for centering and plant the French lavender.  

The barren little stalks of an umbrella plant are on the left but I am not ready to dump it in the recycling.
There is still some life in it with this new brave branch so I will give it a chance.  It may move to a different location though so I can enjoy the ferns behind as they grow bigger when the cooler months return.  

The left of that border is our bedroom window so at night the calming scent of lavender will spill into our room bringing its calming aromatherapy and sweet dreams.  Mine will be of what comes next in the garden........