Monday Meditation

We can be our own worst enemies.  Worry.  Worry.  Worry.
What will happen to me if I am laid off?
How will I make ends meet?  
Where will I ever find a job at my age?   
What about health insurance?   
Will my upcoming wellness check go well? 
Will I still be able to get a wellness check?   
Will I ever see Paris?  
Will the drought ever end?  
How will they relandscape our front yard and what if I hate it?  
Will the lavender planted this weekend thrive and scent my bedroom just right?  
Will the guy ever return to install the new window panel in the front door?  
Will mr b ever find an electrician to install bath lights and ceiling fan in the bedroom?  
How much will that cost?  
Will I ever file that stack of paperwork in the closet.  
Oh and that closet.......?  
One worry begets another.  
The mind can fly to every branch on the worry tree.  And what has that pesky bird ever given me?  Nothing but a sleepless night with tossing and turning.  Even my Xanax cannot shut it off! 

Mon ami, remember that the past has brought challenges but You survived.  
The future will bring whatever it will bring.  
Stay here - now - breathe - no matter what - All Will Be Well.  

Thanks Doris!  

Xoxo -hollybee