Monday Meditation

This small portion of the poem Wild Geese is so lovely.  Stumbled on it while reading Women's Voices for Change, a great addition to every women's in-box by the way.  

This is a gentle reminder to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  A hard one for me.  Let the past go.  Put it down and walk on.  Remember the closing scene of Shakespeare in Love?  Lady Viola, with straight back walking with such confidence to her future.  She wasn't carrying any despair or self doubt on those shoulders.  The wind blowing her hair, skirt and any dusty hesitation of the soul.  Her every footfall bore confidence as she stride toward her future. 

Another reminder, let yourself be creative.  Do not judge.  Just get lost in the process. Soar. Create for creation's sake.  Color inside or outside the lines.  Just color.  Sign up for that class in watercolor painting.  Learn to use the new SLR camera you just bought.  Be the painter of your garden with colors, textures and fragrance.  Don't worry about approval.  Just do it and it will be Your Perfection.  

Become the soft animal.  And Love it all.