The bee cottage story

Just read charming book by Frances Schultz.  A sweet story of her redeeming a sense of worth in person and house.  She shares her personal two steps forward and one step back which reminds we all are imperfect but beautifully so.  Lovely photos of before and after of her life and this lovely cottage in the Hamptons, where charm wafts from every chimney and the windows wink their happiness.  

A really nice summer read with lovely photos.  And yes, another "perfect" kitchen to add to my Pinterest album.  If you love baskets as I do, watch out for the ones hanging over the window.   Open shelving which holds her sand collect gathered from all corners of our blue planet.  Then the Butler's Pantry and the most beautiful blue ceiling of BM Galapagos Turquoise.  Now where I am I going to get away with that in my cottage?  Hmmmmm, Mr B may really think the Merlot on the rocks has affected my common sense once and for all. 

Please pick this up and take the afternoon to read with some lemonade or tea.   Yes, just one afternoon and you will be inspired.  Then sit back with your Merlot on the rocks and dream of new projects for your cottage. 

Two thumbs up ladies!