Monday Meditation

"No longer indispensable , no longer assured of our old carefully crafted identities, no longer beautiful in the way we were at twenty, or thirty, or forty, we are hungry and searching nonetheless.". 

Yesterday I finished this remarkable book.  It touched me on the deepest levels of my soulful yearning for the meaning of my past and the way to find  purpose in my future.  I am changed because of it.  From the first pages i sat reading with tears streaming down my cheeks.  Her loss of a dear friend cutting so deep into her that I felt the razors edge on my heart.  And then her journey seeking wholeness from a life so quickly changed. 

We all experience loss, disappointment, longing for purpose, with the little voice reminding us to stop for but just a moment.  Listen, see, hear and taste your life fully.  I cannot thank Katrina enough for this remarkable work of wisdom.  I am going to retread but this time with a highlighter.