A Bit of House Charming

Been working insane hours lately...eleven hour days and six days a week.  That leaves so little time for much else.  Downside: one day a week to do chores in and out of the house.  Upside: keeps me out of the stores practicing mindless shopping!  

I have wanted to warm up the corner windows of our tiny guest room.  Cold. Cold. Cold and Bleh!   The front yard has a short life left as we are all getting a more drought-resistant scape.  We are on the list for next year and I will post befores and afters.  But I digress....back to the windows. 

So last Sunday in the Big Lots flyer there is a feature of curtain rods for $6-$9!  Yes, Big Lots!  I went there wearing my skeptical cap as I was certain they would be plastic.  Au contraire!  Not high end but oil-rubbed bronze with slight distressing at the end caps.  $15+ and I am happily on my way home.  

Fast forward to this week...Here are the drapes, in much need if ironing, and the Big Lots rods.  

Taking the plastic "valance" off the blinds and then a quick install of the rods.  The longer and more labor intensive part was ironing the four panels.  They were purchased four - five years ago from World Market.  Admittedly they have seen better days.  My boy Che, the Yorkie, used to have "lifting leg syndrome" and was fond of showering anything that hung from above him.  (i don't have a bedskirt to this day.)  The panels had been marked over and over again because darn me, every time he lifted, I washed.  He has since been fixed and is now syndrome-free.  

Here they are.  Keeping the blinds as the sun can be intense and need the extra heat protection during the hot hot months we have.  

Love the softer look and feel.  A breeze sweetly comes through the open window giving the drapes a pretty motion as they lift and fall.   A touch of house charming.  

Thanks for stopping by Moonlight Lane.