Household Tip

With Farmhouse Decor all the rage, I am reminded of the simpler times.  No cell phones just those wooden ones on the wall  No televisions just a huge radio to storytell and let your imaginations be the set decorators.  No emails but the great old mailboxes bringing good tidings from faraway friends and family in crisp white envelopes with your name in blue ink and pretty script writing.  No microwave ovens just the old faithful stove and oven to heat up your leftovers or melt butter.  People actually read a book not a tablet.  Women baked cakes, cookies and pies.  Gingham cafe curtains at the kitchen sink window.  Cleaning supplies were simple and non-toxic; white vinegar, baking soda, Fells Naptha, Ivory soap, basic bleach, sunshine, open window fresh air, and good old elbow grease.

So with a feature on Hometalk, a good place to find tips and homecare how-tos.  Some a bit cheesy but there are some good ideas for the every day chore.  Check out the idea to clean your oven racks in the bath tub.  I am going to try it after the Thanksgiving turkey makes its mess.  Also one to use aluminum foil to clean chrome (Might make my teeth feel funny though.  It's similar to  the nails on a chalkboard thing.) 

This is one found this morning, a non-toxic way to brighten up stainless steel sinks.  I am fairly certain mine is original to the house, circa 1978.  Its in pretty good shape but could use a facial, so to speak.  White vinegar, baking soda, canola oil, all ingredients right at hand.  Yes!  I can remain in my pajamas!  

Here's the before...not too bad just not too good.

Here are those basic ingredients, minus the elbow grease.  Hard to snap a photo of that.

First stop the drain then add some vinegar and scrub it all down; bottom sides and edges.  Then add a shake or two of baking soda and watch the fizz.......

Now scrub again all over.  Rinse.  No repeat.  Towel it dry and the add a tablespoon of canola oil wiping everything down and et voila!    A beautiful shiny stainless sink.  No harsh chemicals!  

The wonders of no nuclear warfare in the kitchen.  I am even getting used to the smell of vinegar.  Now if I could only do the daily Apple Cider Vinegar drink my insides may sparkle too!  

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