Rainy Sunday

With the weather finally cooling and rain finally falling in our parched Southern California, I was bitten by the baking bug. Warms aromas, toasty kitchen, raindrops outside becon to return to my kitchen and nurture body and soul.

Started with a recipe of Three Ingredient Buttermilk Biscuits.  In a word-disaster. They didn't rise much on the counter so I stupidly thought "Oh, they will rise as they bake. Kinda like a cake!"   Nope.  The taste was there but they were pucks not biscuits. Darn it!  Oh well, the omelets and bacon were good!  

Part deux of the day, enter Ina Garten to save my baking day. Favorite television chef, she brings fresh ideas to tried and true recipes. Love her style too. Who wouldn't love to have "The Barn"?  So a cozy autumn dessert of Easy Apple-Cranberry Cake was on the menu. This rustic cake will fill your entire home with the comfy smells of autumn.  It's not too sweet but just the right balance of tang from the cranberry and the sweet contrast of apple.  The bit of orange zest and juice add a freshness as well.

A dollop of vanilla frozen yogurt is perfect on the warm cake.  This is fabulous for days - just a quick heat-up in the micro and it is as good as the day it was made.  
So while this lovely lady was cooling, I made our dinner, Carbonnade a la Flamade.  A fabulous recipe from Cook's Illustrated.  Here is a photo from the  website but my version below looks better, if I do say so myself.

I have made this for several years and never tire of it.  You will have to subscribe to Cook's Illustrated to get the recipe.  If you do make it, follow it to a "T" and use Chimay beer as it really does give the best result. 
There.  My rainy day was perfect.  Hope your day was too.
Thanks for stopping by Moonlight Lane!