Monday, August 22, 2016

Essential Oil Sink Cleanser

Found this recipe on a favorite blog Stone Gable where she shares
8 Smart Things You Should Do Each Night Before Going to Bed.  
A lover of lists, this made me stop and actually read.
I substitute meditation for the praying point but I believe they are the same
as both connect you to the Universe, God, Self. 

Fourth one:  CLEAN YOUR SINK
She shares a recipe using organic ingredients which include Essential Oils!
I have recently start diffusing and using chemical-free cleansers
so this one really popped off the screen for me.
I have used store brands for years and always seem to inhale some of the powder
and think, what did I just breathe in?
Nasty dry chemicals?
I can't even tell what's in there as they don't list contents.
They do tell you ...
Keep out of the reach of children and pets
Moderately irritating to eyes, skin, and mucous membranes
Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing
In case of accidental contact...
Step away from the Comet/Ajax/Bon Ami!

I have a stainless steel sink which I believe is original to the house,
putting it at 43 years old since it was built in 1973! 
I graduated high school that year!   
But who's counting?
Being stainless, I don't need bleach to get out those nasty stains
which makes this an even better option.

This one is so simple...


1 cup baking soda
5 drops Young Living Lemon oil
5 drops Young Living Purification oil
Mason jar
Plastic Lid
Add baking soda and oils to jar.
Instead of putting the metal lid on, take a plastic lid from any container,
I used the lid from my Trader Joe's coffee can. 
Cut to size of lid and poke 4-5 holes in the top.
Secure lid under the rim and cover with dish towel.
Shake to mix.

This, my friends, is my nasty sink. 
Greasy, food globs and just stinky.
Rinse with a little water to remove loose dirt.
Shake on the sink cleaner scrub.
Scrub with a little dish soap or Castile soap with a dish brush.
Only a bit of elbow grease needed.
Count it as arm work.
Wipe down with a soft dish towel

Et Voila!
The sink smells divine!
The kitchen smells divine!
I am divine!

If you want to double down on the freshness thing, run a slice of citrus in the disposal before scrubbing and that will take the odor down the drain.

I do not profess this will change your life but it will make you feel better
about becoming chemical free.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

linking in...

Summertime, summertime.
Sum, Sum Summertime.

Ok, these are Aspirin Roses.
I am living under a summer rock.
I had never heard of Aspirin Roses.
They are German lovelies that are soft pink to white.
Sadly little to no scent but very resistant.
Bare-root start - maybe one or two next spring....
if I can find them. 

Recommended watching on a hot summer's night.
We rented from Amazon
This is full of suspense and high drama.
The brilliant portrayals by a stellar cast
will have you on the edge of your seat.
Helen Mirren, as always, is spot on.
Beloved Alan Rickman died just prior to release.
I am reminded how I will miss that incredible voice.
Two thumbs up.

Inside a Connecticut Cottage with a Touch of California Cool @ Cottages and Gardens
Another white kitchen crush.
The whole cottage is adorable.

These look fabulous and a perfect summer dinner after harvesting my peppers.

Here is my all-time favorite summer song.

This is perfect on a hot afternoon with a marguerite
just chillin'

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Friday, July 22, 2016

linking in...

Another week come and gone
and summer is half done.
But then, I live in Southern California
where summer is six months long!
Oh what we struggle with....haha!
Here are some lovely stops in the blogosphere...

I have my own French buffet and this is inspiration to style it up a bit.
Add a couple of books and a touch of greenery.
Change out the beige linen for a lovely charcoal.

Here is a room / art crush ..
Margo van Erkelens' living room @ Belgian Pearls
Check out her painting behind the asparagus fern.
Yes this is a step away from my beloved
black and white.
But what a soothing color palette.
Just like her paintings.
Beautiful work by a lovely lady.
When I grow up I want to be like her.

Here is this week's kitchen crush -
Check out the sign in the rafters.
A real treat....below is her entry.
Also crushing on her vine covered pergola,
her bathroom
and bedroom.......oh my!

Fashion find
Madewell Fall 2016 Look Book @ The Neotrad
My, my.  I have all of this hanging in my closet.
just never put them together.
Forehead smack.

This is a perfect addition to my Meatless Monday
recipe file on Pinterest.
As with nearly all meatless meals, they are a quick cook,
taste fabulous and you feel good that no animal died for you.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Mes Amis Francais...

Once again our friends in France are in mourning.
The madman's reason remains unknown.
Fueled my Isis? 
Bat-shit crazy?
But for him, I do not care.
for all those that selfishly commit these unspeakable acts,
I no longer care about you or your cause.

David Ramos/Getty Images

My sorrow is so deep it is hard to breathe.
For all those lost or injured
and their families
I weep and pray that
our thirst for peace be quenched.


Friday, July 15, 2016

linking in...

Here we are at the end of another week
and I share all my "finds" that inspire
and motivate to do, to eat, to live fully.

Look at the artwork on the wall
Oh I could so do that --- hmmm.....
Cottage and Vine featured "Second Home"
So she speaks of how she is constantly
decorating her "second home".
Um - Guilty.

Weekly kitchen crush...
Oh yeah baby...

This is a spectacular kitchen. 
Look at the light from that dining area window!
I plan on doing her house tour
as I think the inspirations are off the chart.

Here is a great DIY -
Painted Outdoor Stenciled Rug @ The Heathered Nest
You can really create the mood you want
at your back patio in an afternoon!
What about a runner below the slider?

Yes, kale is better for you but I feel like I am eating
philodendron leaves from Michael's Arts and Crafts!
Cool summer iceberg is just right for crunch
it allows other flavors to shine.
This is a definite menu item for the summer.

Scroll down to image of Colors of Asia - track 2
A little dreamy music to set your imagination free.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bastille Day

La Fete Nationale
Today our French brothers and sisters celebrate
I send my best wishes to them all as they
drink champagne,
dine on their simply divine foods,
light lanterns,
watch fireworks and
celebrate being who they are.

Profitez de votre journee!


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Southern Green Beans

This recipe was taught to my mother by my first step-father.
Not the nicest guy in the end but gave us some
Southern recipes that I continue to make all these years later.
Mr. Moonlight went to our local strawberry stand and
came home with these beautiful green beans.
He didn't have to say a word, I knew what he wanted.
freshly picked this morning
snap off ends and half the beans
I used my heavy enameled pot which is perfect
for this low and slow cook
slice a medium onion.
proportions should be
2 parts green beans
1 part onion
OK, here is where the "Southern" comes in...
bacon grease.
Yup, you read right - bacon grease.
My mother would collect it and
store it in a small Crisco can in the fridge.
I just used the grease from our morning BLT's.
Just pour it on the beans & onions.
add a good pinch of salt
Enough chicken broth to almost cover the beans.

Bring it to a boil and then turn it down to low.
look at those cute red tosies..tee hee.

Cook until beans are soft and staring to fall apart.
Ugly ducklings these are but oh, so good, y'all.
These are great with "Beer Up the Butt" chicken
and some freshly harvested Beefsteak tomatoes.

Here is recipe:
1 lb. green beans
1 medium onion, sliced
1-2 Tbs bacon grease
1 good pinch of kosher salt
chicken broth to nearly cover

Mangia & statti zitto.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Officially Summer

It is official - summer is here with the ripening of my beefsteak tomatoes.
These hold such strong memories of my childhood.
My mother planted a long row below the kitchen window and would tend to them
as the precious treasures they are.
Just touching a tomato plant brings that happy scent
of what is coming to the table.
Then the glorious first harvest with thick slices oozing juice
and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
The sweet fruit bursting in your mouth and so juicy it would pop out of the corners of your mouth just to be retrieved by your tongue.
Oh they are divinity in flesh.

Fast forward to my own tomato cultivation and my successes and failures.
In our previous home, I planted in the large raised beds and had little to no luck.
If the critters didn't get them then they would perish
as there was never enough water to keep them happy.

Here on Moonlight Lane I am taking a smaller approach.
Yes Friends here he is - this "Hunka Burnin' Love" beefsteak all buffed out.

Here are my insights:
  • Tomatoes love deep roots - this large pot that used to be the home of a small lemon tree is perfect.
  • Tomatoes love warm soil - the pot is black so it heats up the soil quickly.
  • Tomatoes are water-lovers - this container, though it has a drainage hole, will hold buckets of water to satisfy it's thirst.
  • Tomatoes love a tucking in - when planting your little man, bury him up to his first set of bottom leaves.  The buried stem will create additional roots which means a stronger plant and more fruit.
  • Tomatoes love food - I used Organic Dynamite Mater Magic this year and it has proven to do as claimed.  There are many fertilizers out there but I was attracted to this one as it is organic and I am trying to keep my raw food consumption to exclusively organic.
  • Tomatoes are selfish - yes I have some alyssum around the base for beauty but as a rule, tomatoes don't like to share their space.  A good mulch is a great idea to hold in moisture and heat and to keep weeds at bay. 
  • Tomatoes need support - these Stacking Tomato Ladders are fabulous and easy to attach the plants as they grow.  Added bonus, they are currently on sale!

The one on the right will be breakfast this morning -
a BLT for Mr. Moonlight and
a BLT salad for me.

So friend, go fearlessly into the world of tomato cultivation
and you shall be rewarded with the taste of summer.
And you can curl your lip and sing "Hunka, Hunka Burnin' Love" like Elvis
as you dance to your kitchen with your first harvested treasure.

Thank you, thank you very much, for stopping by moonlight lane

Friday, July 8, 2016

linking in...

Hello again...
another busy week survived.
Why is it short weeks feel harder than the full-length version?

Here are my faves for the week...

I am so doing this
burlap black stripe bow
will look stunning
when I repaint the front door black.

Dreamy Patio @ Light It Up
A favorite blog, Sacramento Street, featured this.
Light It Up is in another language,
not sure what it is,
but with beautiful spaces that need no translation.

7 Weight Loss Lessons Americans Should Borrow from the French
An interesting read by Aleisha Fetters with hints to help
lose and maintain a more desirable weight.
The French always seem to get it right.

How to Learn a New Language in a Year @ Camille Styles
Staying on the French subject,
with a dream trip possibly becoming
a dream come true in 2017,
I will need to refresh my memory
on the French I learned in
Miss Love's Fifth Grade class
at Summit Elementary.

While reading the comment to a post,
by Lisa at Privilege. 
I too am guilty of honking at green-light idlers,
cursing at reckless drivers,
and anger at thoughtlessness.
Note to self: lighten up and act like a grown-up.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

Take this day to be grateful
for the gift of being an

Happy Independence Day to All!


Friday, July 1, 2016

linking in...

Here are my Friday Favorite Links....
With all the blogs that share their beautiful ideas,
this list is easy to create.
My straw hat is off to you all...

This is visit to the home of a very gifted woman
is jaw dropping. 
Each room is a treasure box filled with
her collected life. 
Be prepared to look around your room and think
"Now why doesn't my house sing like hers?"

Here is the kitchen crush for the week and it too,
comes from the
You can see this post has left quite an impression.

How summery is this little outfit?
Cool and relaxed for shopping, dining al fresco
or just walking in the sunshine.
(Wonder how she feels about Caitlin Jenner)

Every summer has its' song and this is it!
Dare you to get through this and not smile.
So just dance, dance, dance.

Now doesn't this look like the perfect side
for a summer bar-b-que of ribs or chicken?
Oh yes, yes, yes on a hot summer day.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Simple Pleasure

While doing my Sunday post-brunch clean up
I moved my dishwashing soap bottle and
noticed how lovely it was.
Sun streaming through the window and through
the green glass and then again,
through the clear blue soap.
This was my first Martha Stewart project,
first appearing in the April/May 1993
edition of her Living magazine.
This simple change to my countertop
has traveled with me all these years.
Proof that a simple pleasure is worth keeping.

The bottle didn't cost more than $10.00.
Stopped using the spout but now in retrospect,
I may return to using it to reduce over-pour.
Just fill with your favorite soap,
is the only one for this tree-hugger.
Biodegradable and Dawn Saves Wildlife.

Just a simple change can add to a dull corner.

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