A Little Project

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate plastic.  Plastic is the epitome of unnatural.  Yet I have to admit, in the garden it can have its place.  Just not out in the open kinda place.

Case in point, I have my burro-tail in a plastic hanging pot.  Practical but hideous.  Along came a post somewhere in Blogland/Pinterest that inspired this.  (Wish I could attribute the original author but alas, they are lost in the memory desert along with way too many other things.). So a rope covering to hide that ugly plastic.  

Here is a supply list:
Plant in plastic pot
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Cut the end on an angle so it will tuck in at the bottom.  Hot glue the ends as well so they don't unravel.  Then glue attach and turn all the way up.  Use care to snuggle each row up against the bottom row.  I did not on the lower rounds and some of the pot shows through.  Not the end of the world but it would have a more finished look.  

Et Voila!  
I did not do the upper edge as it would have covered the wire hangers.  Although that would be the ideal, I was thinking of down the road when I may need to transplant/replace.  I am still thinking of doing it but will live with it this way and see if I feel it needs to be covered as well.  It i do, i will update you on that finishing project.  All in all, not bad for a fifteen minute project. 

Thanks for stopping by Moonlight Lane.