Kitchen Valances

Just another project crossed off the To-Do-Ta-Dah list.  
My corner window at the kitchen sink was so boring. 
Vertical blinds - ugh how I can't stand them.
A necessary evil as Mr B is always concerned about people peeking in.  

Love the little view but the windows are so plain.  
Blinds and hardware are visible and messy.  
So annoying.  
Inspired by Pam @ Simple Details and
the easy-peasy tutorial to create my own from My Old Country Home

Here is a list of supplies 
2 40"x30" foam core boards from Aaron Brothers Art Mart
Tape measure
Duck or gorilla tape
Exacto knife
Staple gun and staples
Polyester batting
Nate Burkus fabrics purchased at Joann Fabrics
Long nails to mount 

I still have a bit of tweaking to do.  
They are not very secure and I fear a good sneeze could send the tumbling. 
If I find a better mounting method, I will follow-up.  
Also, not happy with some of the finished corners so will snip and staple to tidy up those bulky corners.  
Yet on a whole I am pleased with the finished look.
Thanks for stopping by Moonlight Lane.