A Funny Kind of Love

OK - this is not normal.
I am in love with an appliance.
Let me give you a little background. 

For eight years we have struggled with our side-by-side refrigerator.
Ice-maker rarely worked.
We gave up and just bought bag after bag of ice.
$100.00 a month - bag after bag.
When we moved to Moonlight Lane, the water dispenser never dispensed.
So I was buying 2.5 gallon jugs of filtered H2O
which consumed a good portion of a shelf.
The meat drawer never completely closed so it was covered
and insult to injury, was difficult to open.
Crisper drawer was always shutting the light off in the fridge.
Door shelves continually cracked and replacing with new plastic fronts was a
whopping $45.00 per pane!
Yes, that fridge was a pain!
There should be a lemon law for appliances.
Hear that GE?
A Lemon Law.

Enter the new stud.....

Samsung French door.
LED lighting.
10 pounds of ice per day - Yes, PER DAY!
Water from the dispenser.
So quiet you don't even know it's there.

Arms open wide and there it is.
Welcome home to my
Stainless steel love.