meatless monday

I have observed Meatless Monday for well over three years.
Paul McCartney is a vegetarian and fully supports Meatless Monday as a practice for those of us who find it hard to give up meat altogether.  
If it is endorsed by Sir Paul, the cute Beatle, it is good enough for me!
It is just an incredible way to center one day around a vegetable-based diet.
We all know this is highly recommended to add veggies to our daily diet by many diet gurus from The Blue Zone Diet and Dr. Oz to your primary care physician. 
A bonus for those who care, it gives the animal kingdom the day off. 
Really people, it is just one day. 
You can do this.

Years ago while living in LA, Mr. Moonlight and I went to a little cafĂ© in "The Hills" on Beverly Glen right before Mulholland Drive, driving north. 
The name of this delightful little place escapes the both of us as it is well over 30 years ago.
We do live in 55+ community after all so there are many things escaping us. 
But I do remember Linda Evans was there looking all Dynasty. 

You know you are singing it.

We had the best pasta.
We dubbed it Broccoli-Pasta, for obvious reasons since its broccoli and pasta.
Maybe we should have called it Linda Evans Pasta. 
Kind of like a Shirley Temple -- but not.
I digress.
We have made the "long version" for years, but not appropriate for Meatless Monday as it has anchovies as an ingredient.   
Tonight, craving broccoli, luckily I have leftover pasta, frozen broccoli so this is the Meatless-Monday-After-A-Long-Day version. 

So easy-peasy here you go..

while warming up the TJ Organic Frozen broccoli in the microwave for one minute
over medium-high, add a tablespoon-ish of olive oil
when you begin to smell the fragrance of the oil
add one clove of chopped garlic and a pinch of pepper flakes

by the time the broccoli is done in the microwave
you can toss it in the pan and flip the pan around to coat with olive oil

add a handful of pasta
amount should be driven by how hungry you are

Again, flip this around to coat with the olive oil
add more olive oil if looking a little dry
I like mine a bit oily
cover the pan to warm the pasta
I just use the plate I will dine on
bonus...a warm dinner plate
when plate feels warm to the point where you need a towel to remove from the pan
take plate off the pan and plate the pasta

sprinkle with parmesan to your taste

Under ten minutes and that's it!
a little wine
whatever color of wine you prefer works

goodnight Linda and thanks for dropping by moonlight lane