A Simple Pleasure

While doing my Sunday post-brunch clean up
I moved my dishwashing soap bottle and
noticed how lovely it was.
Sun streaming through the window and through
the green glass and then again,
through the clear blue soap.
This was my first Martha Stewart project,
first appearing in the April/May 1993
edition of her Living magazine.
This simple change to my countertop
has traveled with me all these years.
Proof that a simple pleasure is worth keeping.

The bottle didn't cost more than $10.00.
Stopped using the spout but now in retrospect,
I may return to using it to reduce over-pour.
Just fill with your favorite soap,
is the only one for this tree-hugger.
Biodegradable and Dawn Saves Wildlife.

Just a simple change can add to a dull corner.

thanks for stopping by moonlight lane