Bath Stenciling -

Inspired by
I decided to go a little animal in my little bath.
Below are Before...
 and boring

now months later and not yet complete
definitely the start of something
much better than Before.

Cheetah Leopard Allover Stencil
in Beetle Black
both Martha Stewart products
purchased at Michaels.
All making application easy.

In the end, I am with Cindy on the stenciling,
haven't done it in 20 years and
it was easier 20 years ago.
But then just about everything was easier
20 years ago! Ha!

Just need to finish a couple of walls and
fill in corners / touch up.
I would like to change out the blinds
for a matchstick shade.
What do you think?

I have a self imposed rule that I must finish this project
before repainting the front entry door,
touch up the kitchen cabinets,
redo kitchen counter tops,
paint the entry chest,
paint the queen bed,
paint the lamps & curtain rods,
paint the cinder-block half wall in the garden,
paint dining chairs,
paint coffee table,
redo bath counter tops,
frame bathroom mirrors,
paint shower enclosure,
my list is long and keeps growing.
Love this new look and
I smile every time I walk in.

thanks for stopping by moonlight lane