linking in...

a little late on this post
after a long-short week I am riding the tired-train
here are some really lovely links...enjoy

At Home with the Giannettis on Patina Farm
At Home with Susanna Salk and her video post
on her blog Quintessence
after crushing on the stills of this beautiful
Ojai (said Oh-hi) home for weeks
here is a beautiful video where you
join the couple for a tour of house and gardens
breezes putting the landscape in motion
goats being so cute
chickens clucking
and donkeys just being so cute

this is a downsizing project that is adorable
love all but this bath is so sweet and fresh

Domino Father's Day Gift Guide
ok, Father's Day is next weekend
if you live with a man who has everything
this may help you find something he would enjoy
some are practical and some not so,
like the pizza slice floatie - lol

Raised Garden Bed @ a Burst of Beautifulthis is my inspiration for my next project
Hi-ho, Hi-ho,
to Home Depot I go!

Could not find an image on their website
so this is my  iPhone image of the magazine page
easy and deeeeelish!

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