linking in...

Here are this week's crushes....

This visit is a treasure.
flowers rule in this lovely oasis in Wiltshire.
The gnarled wisteria to greet you at the front door.
Oh to dine on that patio among the flowers
and humming bees.
Ah, South California is a long way from

Yvonne is at it again -
her drop dead kitchen is freshened up
with just a little change here and there.
But over a hundred peonies?
I have just fainted.....

The Skimm makes it easier to be smarter
these two young women hit the headlines
and condense it to a paragraph.
Links are provided to get
deeper into a story.
I Skimm with coffee each morning and
go into my day "in the know".
try it, you'll like it.

Will be putting the finishing touches on my
4x4 garden (post coming soon)

Forecast says "The Heat is On"
(yes,  you are humming it now)
Sunday is going to be a scorcher
so this is on the menu for
Father's Day Sausage-Fest

thanks for stopping by moonlight lane