linking in...

linking in...

here are some lovely inspirations

Isabel Lopes Quesada Studio entrance @ Belgian Pearls
This designer is so talented
but this entrance to her studio stole my heart.
Look at that door
and that black brick walkway.

Kime Kitchen in Provence @ Belgian Pearls
This is my kitchen crush this week.
A beautiful piece on the work of this gifted designer.
Prepare to swoon...

a lovely read as you wander through
the longest day of the year.

This is a perfect project for an afternoon
when the temperatures are way too high
to go out of the house -
Hello California Heat Wave!
Pillow from IKEA
Pom Poms from Amazon
Felt Glue from Amazon
More awesome ideas from Domino

Sunday mornings are big breakfast mornings.
most Sundays are traditional eggs, bacon/sausage,
potatoes, toast and juice.
with summer officially arriving,
we also enjoy a good ol' BLT.
so while mr. moonlight had a
traditional BLT
I had this delish salad.
two thumbs up!!

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