linking in...

Here are my Friday Favorite Links....
With all the blogs that share their beautiful ideas,
this list is easy to create.
My straw hat is off to you all...

This is visit to the home of a very gifted woman
is jaw dropping. 
Each room is a treasure box filled with
her collected life. 
Be prepared to look around your room and think
"Now why doesn't my house sing like hers?"

Here is the kitchen crush for the week and it too,
comes from the
You can see this post has left quite an impression.

How summery is this little outfit?
Cool and relaxed for shopping, dining al fresco
or just walking in the sunshine.
(Wonder how she feels about Caitlin Jenner)

Every summer has its' song and this is it!
Dare you to get through this and not smile.
So just dance, dance, dance.

Now doesn't this look like the perfect side
for a summer bar-b-que of ribs or chicken?
Oh yes, yes, yes on a hot summer day.

thanks for stopping by moonlight lane~