linking in...

Here we are at the end of another week
and I share all my "finds" that inspire
and motivate to do, to eat, to live fully.

Look at the artwork on the wall
Oh I could so do that --- hmmm.....
Cottage and Vine featured "Second Home"
So she speaks of how she is constantly
decorating her "second home".
Um - Guilty.

Weekly kitchen crush...
Oh yeah baby...

This is a spectacular kitchen. 
Look at the light from that dining area window!
I plan on doing her house tour
as I think the inspirations are off the chart.

Here is a great DIY -
Painted Outdoor Stenciled Rug @ The Heathered Nest
You can really create the mood you want
at your back patio in an afternoon!
What about a runner below the slider?

Yes, kale is better for you but I feel like I am eating
philodendron leaves from Michael's Arts and Crafts!
Cool summer iceberg is just right for crunch
it allows other flavors to shine.
This is a definite menu item for the summer.

Scroll down to image of Colors of Asia - track 2
A little dreamy music to set your imagination free.

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