linking in...

Another week come and gone
and summer is half done.
But then, I live in Southern California
where summer is six months long!
Oh what we struggle with....haha!
Here are some lovely stops in the blogosphere...

I have my own French buffet and this is inspiration to style it up a bit.
Add a couple of books and a touch of greenery.
Change out the beige linen for a lovely charcoal.

Here is a room / art crush ..
Margo van Erkelens' living room @ Belgian Pearls
Check out her painting behind the asparagus fern.
Yes this is a step away from my beloved
black and white.
But what a soothing color palette.
Just like her paintings.
Beautiful work by a lovely lady.
When I grow up I want to be like her.

Here is this week's kitchen crush -
Check out the sign in the rafters.
A real treat....below is her entry.
Also crushing on her vine covered pergola,
her bathroom
and bedroom.......oh my!

Fashion find
Madewell Fall 2016 Look Book @ The Neotrad
My, my.  I have all of this hanging in my closet.
just never put them together.
Forehead smack.

This is a perfect addition to my Meatless Monday
recipe file on Pinterest.
As with nearly all meatless meals, they are a quick cook,
taste fabulous and you feel good that no animal died for you.

Thanks for stopping by Moonlight Lane