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Summertime, summertime.
Sum, Sum Summertime.

Ok, these are Aspirin Roses.
I am living under a summer rock.
I had never heard of Aspirin Roses.
They are German lovelies that are soft pink to white.
Sadly little to no scent but very resistant.
Bare-root start - maybe one or two next spring....
if I can find them. 

Recommended watching on a hot summer's night.
We rented from Amazon
This is full of suspense and high drama.
The brilliant portrayals by a stellar cast
will have you on the edge of your seat.
Helen Mirren, as always, is spot on.
Beloved Alan Rickman died just prior to release.
I am reminded how I will miss that incredible voice.
Two thumbs up.

Inside a Connecticut Cottage with a Touch of California Cool @ Cottages and Gardens
Another white kitchen crush.
The whole cottage is adorable.

These look fabulous and a perfect summer dinner after harvesting my peppers.

Here is my all-time favorite summer song.

This is perfect on a hot afternoon with a marguerite
just chillin'

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