linking in...

Hello again...
another busy week survived.
Why is it short weeks feel harder than the full-length version?

Here are my faves for the week...

I am so doing this
burlap black stripe bow
will look stunning
when I repaint the front door black.

Dreamy Patio @ Light It Up
A favorite blog, Sacramento Street, featured this.
Light It Up is in another language,
not sure what it is,
but with beautiful spaces that need no translation.

7 Weight Loss Lessons Americans Should Borrow from the French
An interesting read by Aleisha Fetters with hints to help
lose and maintain a more desirable weight.
The French always seem to get it right.

How to Learn a New Language in a Year @ Camille Styles
Staying on the French subject,
with a dream trip possibly becoming
a dream come true in 2017,
I will need to refresh my memory
on the French I learned in
Miss Love's Fifth Grade class
at Summit Elementary.

While reading the comment to a post,
by Lisa at Privilege. 
I too am guilty of honking at green-light idlers,
cursing at reckless drivers,
and anger at thoughtlessness.
Note to self: lighten up and act like a grown-up.

As always, thank you for stopping by moonlight lane.