Sunday, January 15, 2017

Returning in the New Year...

I have been away for a while for multiple reasons:
time constraints
lack of interest
no followers
frustration over the above...

But I want to return as I find that I do miss the exercise.
No, not sit ups but the creative yoga of writing.

So today I will return to just a simple post.

I was interested in choosing a word for the year.
A star, if you will, to follow throughout the year
and to guide my word and deed.

In my search I thought 'joy'.
No, not this year with all the turmoil and anger in my county.
I am too anxious over what lies ahead.

Then I thought 'creativity'.
Create what? 
Knit?  Write? Learn to paint? The violin?
No, no, no. 
Potentially expensive and I am too easily distracted. 

So then I thought 'balance'.
A good word but way over-used.

So I let go of the pressure to come up with something NOW.

Yesterday, while reading a favorite blog, Cottage and Vine,
her Friday Link Love post had an entry called

Et Voila!
There was my word....

I am 3/4 Swede so I felt a homecoming.

Here is how you pronounce,
'la' as in 'bar' and 'gom' as in 'prom'.

It embodies all my goals this year.
Financial balance
Comfortable décor
Devine foods
Gardening for food and pleasure
Weight loss
Letting go of toxic everything
Expanding that which nurtures
Spiritually centering

I have my word! 
Lagom! Lagom! Lagom!

And it appears, as with most things,
if you set your intentions and let them go,
the Universe will provide!

Hello 2017!