Returning in the New Year...

I have been away for a while for multiple reasons:
time constraints
lack of interest
no followers
frustration over the above...

But I want to return as I find that I do miss the exercise.
No, not sit ups but the creative yoga of writing.

So today I will return to just a simple post.

I was interested in choosing a word for the year.
A star, if you will, to follow throughout the year
and to guide my word and deed.

In my search I thought 'joy'.
No, not this year with all the turmoil and anger in my county.
I am too anxious over what lies ahead.

Then I thought 'creativity'.
Create what? 
Knit?  Write? Learn to paint? The violin?
No, no, no. 
Potentially expensive and I am too easily distracted. 

So then I thought 'balance'.
A good word but way over-used.

So I let go of the pressure to come up with something NOW.

Yesterday, while reading a favorite blog, Cottage and Vine,
her Friday Link Love post had an entry called

Et Voila!
There was my word....

I am 3/4 Swede so I felt a homecoming.

Here is how you pronounce,
'la' as in 'bar' and 'gom' as in 'prom'.

It embodies all my goals this year.
Financial balance
Comfortable d├ęcor
Devine foods
Gardening for food and pleasure
Weight loss
Letting go of toxic everything
Expanding that which nurtures
Spiritually centering

I have my word! 
Lagom! Lagom! Lagom!

And it appears, as with most things,
if you set your intentions and let them go,
the Universe will provide!

Hello 2017!