To Do Basket

I am a great lover of lists...
to do
grocery shopping
what to plant in the garden
décor updates
bucket lists....
another list just appeared above.

I just love the feeling of accomplishment
as I see lines crossed off each week.

Now I am enhancing the list with a basket.

As I go through my week and add items to my To Do List
to be done during my precious weekends,
I then collect any items that are necessary to accomplish each task.
Here are
seeds to planted (if it ever stops raining!)
recipes to be prepared or filed,
essential oil recipes to be made for neighbors/friends
journal to fit in musings.

It has created a great organizing spot
which keeps me focused and
leaves me no excuses when it comes
time to tackle that list.

This idea gets two thumbs up!

thanks for stopping by Moonlight Lane!