Saturday, April 8, 2017

My Favorite Body Wash

Hello Saturday!
Challenging week is now behind
and a sweet 48 hours lie ahead.

I am one who is constantly on the lookout for a good body wash.
As we age, our skin changes.
Everybody knows that...
My Swedish skin, once moist and supple, is now dryer and thinner.
Also I have an ultra-mild case of psoriasis.
Just on my scalp and a small patch on my leg.
I have been treating both with a
steroid cream but not a fan of using.
Whilst still on the hunt for a good shampoo to treat my scalp,
I have found a fabulous body shampoo for my "new" skin type.
Mario Badescu
A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap

Highlights of the content list are:
Grapefruit extract (Citrus Grandis);
Alpha hydroxyl acids to gently slough and wash away dry skin. 
It is a powerful antioxidant which protects skin cells
from free radical damage.
Tilia Cordata flower extract; 
coming from the flower of the Linden tree
which is found throughout Europe and Asia. 
Its' benefits are skin conditioning and it is 
refreshing as well as soothing.
Panax Ginseng root extract; 
an emollient, providing skin protection.
This wash is so gentle and leaves your skin feeling clean
and the scent is uplifting which is a great start to my day.

A by-product for me is it calms the little patch of
psoriasis on my leg so I can eliminate the use of
steroid cream on that area.

The Body Soap comes in two sizes:
8 oz. which is $8.00 and
16 oz. which is $14.00,
both sizes found at
I find I don't need to follow-up with a body lotion.
So another cost savings there!

With a small investment of $8.00
(my first bottle lasted four months)
this might help keep your largest organ, the skin,
in beautiful condition and
ready to greet the summer months ahead.

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tao Porchon-Lynch

One evening this past week while watching
they featured this 98 year-young woman.
Tao Porchon-Lynch
I have not been able to get her out of mind.

Born 13 August 1918
in the middle of the English Channel.
Her Indian mother, dying in childbirth,
subsequently led her French father
to surrender her to his brother and his family.
Her uncle designed railroads and took her along
on his travels throughout Asia.
While in Pondicherry India at the age of 8
she discovered yoga being practiced
by boys on the beach.
So inspired, she has been
practicing and teaching ever since.

As a young adult, she entered the fashion industry,
traveling the world and becoming known as
"the best legs in Europe"
During WWII, as a French Resistance fighter,
she helped Jews escape Nazi capture.
After the war, she moved to the States
where she started acting, often teaching
yoga to cast-members during the breaks in shooting.
She married Bill Lynch in 1962 and remained
married until his death in 1982.

She has led yoga classes all over the world
and shares her love of
wine instead of water
"flexible" vegetarianism
(occasionally eats seafood)
eats a grapefruit daily
and reminds with her mantra
"There is nothing you cannot do".

She has marched with
Mahatma Gandhi
Charles de Gaulle and
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
and has met so many actors and dignitaries,
she is the female Forrest Gump.
This woman is
A M A Z I N G.

In the interview, she said the most amazing thing
So for the past four days as I journal my Gratitude,
I end with this same Intention.
And you know what?
It works!
Not every day is the best,
but each day is by far better than what
they were before adding this to my journey.
Even tougher days bearing disappointment
are lighter and I am better able to smile.
So then, maybe they really are the best after all.
I highly recommend adding this to your morning ritual
and see if it works for you as well.

If you would like to learn from her own voice,
you can purchase a signed hardcover of her book
The Spiritual Side of Being Through the Eyes of a Modern Yoga Master

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