My Favorite Body Wash

Hello Saturday!
Challenging week is now behind
and a sweet 48 hours lie ahead.

I am one who is constantly on the lookout for a good body wash.
As we age, our skin changes.
Everybody knows that...
My Swedish skin, once moist and supple, is now dryer and thinner.
Also I have an ultra-mild case of psoriasis.
Just on my scalp and a small patch on my leg.
I have been treating both with a
steroid cream but not a fan of using.
Whilst still on the hunt for a good shampoo to treat my scalp,
I have found a fabulous body shampoo for my "new" skin type.
Mario Badescu
A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap

Highlights of the content list are:
Grapefruit extract (Citrus Grandis);
Alpha hydroxyl acids to gently slough and wash away dry skin. 
It is a powerful antioxidant which protects skin cells
from free radical damage.
Tilia Cordata flower extract; 
coming from the flower of the Linden tree
which is found throughout Europe and Asia. 
Its' benefits are skin conditioning and it is 
refreshing as well as soothing.
Panax Ginseng root extract; 
an emollient, providing skin protection.
This wash is so gentle and leaves your skin feeling clean
and the scent is uplifting which is a great start to my day.

A by-product for me is it calms the little patch of
psoriasis on my leg so I can eliminate the use of
steroid cream on that area.

The Body Soap comes in two sizes:
8 oz. which is $8.00 and
16 oz. which is $14.00,
both sizes found at
I find I don't need to follow-up with a body lotion.
So another cost savings there!

With a small investment of $8.00
(my first bottle lasted four months)
this might help keep your largest organ, the skin,
in beautiful condition and
ready to greet the summer months ahead.

thanks for stopping by moonlight lane