Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange

New book arrived yesterday with a Sunday Holiday
delivery by Amazon Prime.
I have been dreaming of his book for a long time
and when I continue to dream of something,
returning to it time and time again...
then is when I hit the purchase button.

Chapter by chapter, you go deeper into her view
of how to be Parisian no matter where you are.
Trust yourself and keep it simple. 
Don't forget to have a little fun though.

Just four chapters but full of information and suggestions
accompanied by illustrations and photos of people and places
that make Paris so special.

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Here is one of my favorites.
Simple to achieve with your favorite
white jeans and navy sweater.
Accessorize but not too much!
Ines cautions to go lightly on the bling
and that applies to every ensemble.
From the above casual about town outfit
to evenings out in your little black dress.
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There are oodles of favorite places where
she shops, eats and even takes the children.
She includes a short summary of their wares and
highlights what is their best products. 
She includes their address, phone and even their
website if they vend on line. 

I spent an afternoon at the pool pouring over this little
gem of a read and then rushed home to pop in and out
of the shops on line. Someday I hope to visit Paris and
these lovely boutiques in person.

I can attest that it was worth the wait and will
return to this reference book often as I struggle with
"Oh, what am I going to wear today?"
Merci Ines!