Kitchen Lighting

Hello again -----

It is starting to cool down a bit but I am no fool, 
this too shall end as we head toward
our hottest month, September. 
But for now, I will enjoy this while it lasts. 

Been slowly working on projects.

Our kitchen lighting was so dated...fluorescents from the '70s!
We rarely turned them on as I always felt like I was still at my office.
"Unfortunately" while sweeping, the broom handle 
hit one of the plastic lenses which broke on landing.
Neither Home Depot nor Lowes had the right pre-cut size.
Second Awwwwwwww.............
There are no images of a before as I am embarrassed
that I lived with it for two plus years.

My most talented son-in-law volunteered
to install can lights and trim it out.
He hates to paint so I took care of that part.
Here is post installation with one coat of paint.
A note to our viewers:
Don't install can lights, tape, the try to paint.

Notice: one can already fell out..grrrr.

Here is the right way - 
paint rolled on with the cans out.

You can see Jon's beautiful work.  
He used ship lap on the ceiling from a current job.
Purchased the primed door trim and other trim
from Home Depot.

Here is the final image with cans installed.
It is simply beautiful and all on a dimmer. 
I feel like a Princess!  
Can't wait for daylight savings to end so we can use them more.
Wait. No. That was just a crazy thing to say.

Oh, and see the pendant to the left?
That was once an original can light.
Found it at Lowe's.
The fixture is really a pendant light conversion kit 
and for just $19.98 and since the glass was only $7.98,
the whole thing was just over $30.00 including tax.

I did this install

No, those are not my hairy arms - just a photo from the box.
This is an easy project.  Only tool is a step ladder!

Simply take the light bulb out of the can.
Remove the can light trim (I had to touch up the paint a bit).
There is more than enough wire so just
find the perfect length for you.
Screw the converter into the socket.
Tighten the escutcheon plate to ceiling with decorative screw 
while tucking the excess wiring up into the can space.
Install glass shade and light bulb.
It's beautiful. 

My kitchen lighting is updated and
I can enjoy working in my kitchen.
Now just need kitchen countertops updated.
Au revoir to linoleum soon!

Thank you for stopping by Moonlight Lane!