Long Time No Post

Boy is that title an understatement!
It has been forever.....
Being in the golf industry, this is my busiest time of year.
Little gets done at my house when golfers are on the links.
The season is starting to wind down as our 
shipments have shipped, 
tournaments are played,
and now returning excess inventory and
shoes that have gotten wet....
"I swear I didn't wear them into the pond"....
blah, blah, blah.

I am now returning to my real life and have changes in the air...
a new grandson is due at the end of the month!
A lovely baby shower was held last Sunday and my daughter
was in heaven with friends and family gathered to 
rejoice in their last month of the wait.
Tick Tock - her due date is 08/30 but for her sake,
I hope it happens sooner.  

8 pounds and more to go until he comes.
My younger daughter coordinated and friends; 
Alana helped with food,
and Pam with the cake.
All done with Where the Wild Things Are theme.

Aren't those decorations cute? 
The signs all done by my most talented daughter
with greenery to soften everything up.

And here is the lovely cake made by friend, Pam.
It was a lovely day and we all enjoyed 
the delicious food and mimosas.

Thank you gifts were adorable as well

Now all we have to do is wait....
Tick Tock 
Tick Tock

Thanks for stopping by Moonlight Lane.