That Little Turquoise Box

As I stepped out of our front door
with the babies leashed for the evening walk,
a small parcel was at the doorstep.
"I don't recall ordering anything."
Picking it up, it was very light weight 
and didn't rattle as I shook it.
No name of sender just an address from Parsippany, NJ.
"Hmm.  I don't know anyone from New Jersey 
since Carl moved to Florida".
I tossed it inside the entry as the babies were anxious 
to start their neighborhood rounds.
Curiosity tumbled through my mind with every step.
"A gift from a rep?"
"A long forgotten back order?"
"The Uni-bomber?" 
(No, he's in jail, silly)

On returning home I opened the parcel to find
lovely embossed tissue paper.
It said Tiffany & Company.
I sighed with the puzzle solved.
Unwrapping the paper, there was the famous
turquoise box with white satin ribbon.
This is my Ten-Year Anniversary
gift from my employer.  

This employer,
which will no longer be my employer come next Friday,
is showing its incredible generosity and class
by honoring anniversaries as if the sale
from Adidas were not days away.
The divestiture of the company will
never change my devotion and gratitude
for the past ten years of employment.
Through heady times of incredible success 
and moments of "not so much", 
I am constantly reminded what a 
truly successful company looks like.

A family.

Faces and events pepper my memory with festivals,
happy hours, weekend retreats, rallies and 
annual bonus celebrations strewn
with confetti and toasted with champagne.
Darker days with layoffs and farewells.
Co-workers that are so funny I want to wrap them up 
and take them with me everywhere.
Others so difficult that I want to wring their necks.
Some who make work incredibly hard and those
that created a lovely place to be forty hours a week.
Many that have moved up and on
and one that is no longer alive but her smile still shines
in the corners of the halls and offices.

I am a lucky woman.

Gratitude oozes from every pore as I 
look back down the curvy road of life and wish my
Taylormade family success and happiness 
in the years to come.

I think I will wait to open this on Friday, 
the last day under their employ.

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