Autumn Solo Breakfast

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I am watching the sun rise in east 
and paint my room with golden tones. 
Mr. Moonlight slumbers in bed.
Baby Boop sleeps on top the back cushion of the sofa.
Che is off snoring on his cheetah pillow.
I, alone am awake and loving these precious moments.
Reflecting on the week past and preparing for the one ahead.
Day at a time madam, day at a time.
So I slow my thoughts and breath -
yoga breath...
inhale through the nose, pause;
exhale through the mouth, pause.

Autumn comes slowly to Southern California.
Our seasons are like quadruplets. 
All looking alike but each a little different.
It's subtle.
A few random trees are changing their
headdress crowns to garnet and amber.
Most trees are not. 
The palms still wave their green fronds.
The pines whisper their golden pollen to the breezes.
Magnolia trees holding their buds like jeweled scepters.
Such a beautiful tree of emerald leaf tops and cinnamon velvet undersides.

Stepping out in the garden (before, middle and after images to come)
the newly installed DG crunching on my footstep.
What a lovely sound.
Hummingbirds swirl to breakfast at the feeders
while others are warring over rights to salvia bushes in full bloom.
The air is crisp, at chilling 57°, which is sweater weather here.
I work to deep water pomegranate, roses, lilac 
and whatever has survived the hot dry summer.
Slippers wet from unseen puddles in the grass, I step back inside
to prepare my solo breakfast.

Steel Cut Oats
Original Recipe from The Simply Luxurious Life

1/4 C steel cut oat (I used John McCann's - love the tin)
1 Tbsp butter (I use Trader Joe's French Butter)
3/4 water
pinch of sea salt (I use Trader Joe's French Fleur de Sel)
heavy cream
seasonal garnish
berries, raisins, nuts, apples, bananas,
any combo of the above

In a small skillet, melt butter and add steel oats.
Shake skillet to evenly distribute and let the oats toast
for two minutes.  Add a pinch of Fleur de Sel.
Boil water in microwave while the oats
are getting toasty golden.
Slowly add water to oats.
Water and oats will boil.
Reduce to simmer for 7-10 minutes
until water has been absorbed to your desired consistency.
Pour in heavy cream and cook briefly to thicken.
Once in your bowl, add garnishes.
This morning I had blueberries
in a different bowl than when I started (full disclosure).

Please stop by The Simply Luxurious Life.
It is a favorite blog with lovely ideas on décor, fashion,
lifestyle/coaching and beaucoup de choses French.
Enjoy your Sunday and
thanks for stopping by Moonlight Lane.