Madam Butterfly-To-Be

While the rest of the country is in the freezer,
we are having normal Southern California weather
which allows me to get into the garden
and perform a little maintenance.  
While cleaning up the sage, roses, Bird of Paradise and other shrubbery,
I was putting the latest cuttings in the green waste when...what?
On one of the dead stalks from the milkweed,
a vivid yellow-black-white stripe figure stopped me in my tracks.
I immediately recognized this to be a creature of import.
Cinderella maybe.
Sleeping Beauty perhaps.
Royalty in the making for certain.

Here is Madam Butterfly-To-Be.
She is small but she is mighty. 
I took the branch she clung to back to the milkweed
then left her alone to find her way.

I will keep an eye on her 
and make certain she is still hanging out.
I cross fingers that she finds enough nourishment
to make her journey to cocoon and
eventually her coronation as 
Monarch of the butterfly world.

I will keep you posted on Madam's progress.

Still here on Moonlight Lane.