Movie Review

After the inspirations seen and heard 
at the Golden Globe Award Ceremony 
last Sunday evening...
Seth Meyers as host and his 
thoughtful and funny guidance
through the ceremony while leading that elephant around.
Nicole Kidman,
"When my cheek is against yours, everything melts away."
Gasps in the room as even jaded Hollywood recognizes 
that dreamy love we all dream of.
Pomp and Circumstance.
The black gowns.
The black tuxedos.
The tension.
The sighs of relief.
And then...
there was Oprah.

Just in case you missed it or want to see it again
and again
and again
and again.
Does anyone doubt there is that HORIZON?

We long to see some "Grown-Up" movies.
No comic book heroes flying across the screen.
No animated musicals with animals that have no butt holes
(really! have you ever seen a Disney creature with a butt hole?)
No serial killers terrorizing and slashing through a terrible script.
I want movies that inspire. 
I want movies that teach.
I need movies that make me think. 

Here comes Steven Spielberg providing the adults in the room that place to think. 

The true story of Katharine Graham who is tasked with saving the family business
which just happens to be The Washington Post. 
Her challenge to cross the bridge from wealthy social widow 
throwing her parties dappled with politicians and celebrities 
to the leader of a great newspaper.
She grows with the story of the Pentagon Papers 
and with her story told here on film.

Portrayed by Meryl Streep to perfection.
We watch her character reach from within, 
past her insecurities, self doubt and fear of really screwing it up
to follow her instinct to not what is easy but what is right.

Her story could not be told without Ben Bradley.

Tom Hanks is magnificent.  
On the delivery of his first two lines,
Ben Bradley comes crashing back into the room.
Brash, gravel-voiced, strong-willed 
and a true force of the universe not to messed with.
I remember his interviews on Larry King.
There was always a twinkle in his eye.
He seemed to always "know" something
and that something just happened to be the truth.

Katharine Graham was Yankee.  
The scene of her leaving the Supreme Court building while 
young women protesters in the crowd just quietly part to create passage 
as Kat moves through them with dignity.  
She and they know that she is stepping into 
Woman Herstory.
My eyes welled with tears as I took in that moment on film. 

As the movie wraps up, there is ol' Tricky Dick 
demanding that no reporter from The Post 
ever be allowed in the White House again.  
His words in our ears as images of flashlights bouncing on walls 
at the offices of the Democratic Party at the Watergate.
A reminder that history doesn't happen in chopped up scenes.
It flows like a river around each bend, over each rock, down each fall.
Quietly babbling along or roaring over cliffs, 
the truth is always there.
I feel the river flowing now and it has picked up speed.
I see and hear the rapids that lie just ahead.  
Brace yourself, it's going to be a bumpy ride......

Two thumbs up

xx - holly