OK.  So that title just pulls you in don't it? 
Gives you goose flesh.
Sends a spark up your spine.
Makes your toes tingle.
Just up and scream Eureka! 

But here to say and highly recommend 
a new product from Yoplait.
Yes, a new yogurt. 
Not Greek.
Not Scandinavian.
But Oui....
Oh. Mon. Dieu.

Yes - a new yogurt and it is 

Found by my friend Milet
(just the cutest little woman at my office)
at, dare I say, Walmart?
Since I don't shop there as they have destroyed
small town America (don't get me started)
I thought I would give

(pronounced Tarshay).
And Oui, they had Oui!

I bought all but one flavor, coconut.
Me no likey coconut unless wrapped in chocolate.

They come in the cute little French yogurt pots.
Yes, French yogurt is sold in glass containers....so darn smart.
Glass preserves the integrity of the yogurt. 
Ha! Gocha there.  You didn't know yogurt had integrity, did ya.
Peel off that little aluminum lid and this good tiding was on the inside. 
Ah oui, I will take you up on it and buy myself some 🌻 flowers 🌻.

A little stir in the pot, lift the spoon to my lips and
This is more of a dessert than a quick little 
gotta eat my daily yogurt for all that good bacteria stuff.
It is rich. Creamy.  Not too sweet. 
The balance of the fruit and the yogurt is just right.
Here is the list of ingredients on my little pot of strawberry
Pasteurized Grade A Milk  🐮
Cane Sugar  
Strawberries  🍓
Carrot Juice (for color)  🥕
Natural Flavor
Yogurt Cultures
All of which are non-GMO.   

Once eaten, you can recycle the glass pots or
you can reuse them for 
votives  🕯 
salt/pepper cellars
toothpick holders
or little places to hold those 🌻 flowers 🌻 that you buy.

So mes amis,
hurry on over to your Tarshay and grab every little jar on the shelf.
Alexa play La Vis en Rose
Je reve de France.

Now if only that were the view from Moonlight Lane.....



  1. I am obsessed with French yogurt jars. Could not justify the purchase from a brocante. Yoplait's marketing genius has granted a simple pleasure!
    Have a lovely weekend Holly!


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