Hello Sprink!

Isn't this graphic just lovely?  Reflects just sweetness and gentility of the season.

At precisely 9:15 a.m. this morning, Spring Sprang!

First came Daylight Savings and now with the advent of Spring,
the cold dark winter goes from our
windshields to rear view mirrors.
I was always told not to wish my time away 
as I would one day want it all back.
Deep truth.
Never-the-less, always happy to see winter gone....

With the new season, I have woken from my long
winter's nap, rubbed my sleepy eyes,
and have discovered the color 

But hold on...I don't like the color pink.
You will not find that color in my closet.
It is not scattered throughout my home décor. 
I don't focus on that color for my garden landscape.
I am a white rose, lemon and lavender gardener-gal.
Pink is low on my color totem pole . . . 

But Hmmmm - then this happened today:

y rear view mirror view on the way to work this morning ...
Look at that sky!
Mr. Sun was feeling his PINK feminine side.

Then as I sat down at my desk...
My weekly purchase of office flowers from Trader Joe's,
just so happened to be

Then the new geraniums at my front walk
Holy Moly - that color again - 

So whilst wandering and marveling in this intoxicating color
with newly awakened eyes,
hummingbirds chirping and swooping around my head,
I bring you my "non-pink" garden....

Isn't it all just lovely?
Bold color strokes or lightest pastel, the color taps your shoulder
and says "Aren't I pretty?"
So, for this one day, the first day of Spring,
BLUSH and BASHFUL are....

Image result for pink is my signature color gif

Thank you Ms. Julia
thank you for stopping by Moonlight Lane.

x0x - holly