Independence Day

Hello and Happy 
๐ŸŽ† Fourth of July ๐ŸŽ†

It has been a long time since a post.
I have missed posting and then not. 
Challenges at the old 9-5;
learning new systems,
moving buildings/desk locations,
losing/adding territories,
new systems not working,
updated systems not talking to new systems,
warehouse shipping too early,
warehouse not shipping at all, 
wrong labels,
missing tracking, 
new systems still not working, 
"Where is my order?",
Ten-hour days,
Six days a week,
All wracking my brain and good will
toward my customers and co-workers.
Nearly a year into it stuff still doesn't work.
I am worn thin in some areas 
and completely out in others.

Challenges at the home front as well....
neglect (see above list),
hard feelings, 
no feelings, 
learning boundaries,
improving communication.

Then the debilitating national scene...
more lying,
fear mongering,
from "You Know Who".


After long and hard thought,
I have determined
I need to live a smaller life.
Not lesser … smaller. 
Return to important stuff...
polish my marriage like the gift it is,
cook dribbly-good stuff,
tend my garden of flowers and vegetables,
redo home dรฉcor, 
pet my soul, 
ease up on the wine,
forgive others and myself,
walk the dogs with a slower gait, 
finish projects half started,
keep it in perspective,
lose those ahem-pounds,
apply Simple Abundance with Sarah's guidance,
practice yoga daily,
read more than one book this year,
post regularly,
Instagram the everyday,
learn a new skill,
go to the beach,
practice true gratitude,
perfect kindness,
laugh more,
use my words,
let go of the past,
go high,
always remember
I am NOT special
I AM unique
and celebrate that honor.

Really and truly and finally 
discover the importance of my life
before I run out of time.

This all sounds a bit like a New Year's Resolution list
and I guess it is. 
We don't have to start anew only on the event of the 
New Year, a.k.a. my birthday.
Too much emphasis/pressure on that one day for me.
Turn-arounds and self improvement can happen
at any time of year.
So on this Independence Day,
I recommit to my wholeness once again.
I am waving my souls flag 
while the sun streams through the window.
Soft and golden with hope.

Join me if you like.
I would love the company.

Thanks for stopping by Moonlight Lane,