Eye Gel Magic

Found a great new product for helping with dark circles and puffiness under our eyes.  I was looking more for help in reducing wrinkles and have seen results.  The product intrigued me with its Manuka tree honey as I dovetail off the benefits I see from Argan oils and Rose Oil and Castor Oil (eyebrows).  Then the roller ball applicators were reminding me of the jade facial rollers that make some sense as they smooth out wrinkles. Just think - clothes irons without the heat or steam and smaller and no electricity needed....just go with me. 

This stuff is really amazing.  I have used it for just three days and can notice a difference.  Apply at night after washing your face and applying serums and night cream.  Then again in the morning between serum/moisturizer and foundation.  The rollerball wand cools and smooths while applying the gel.  It's really quite refreshing!  I have already seen a difference in eye wrinkles and my eyes look brighter.  Please note: I even saw the benefit on the first workday after Daylight-Saving-Time-Spring-Ahead-Lose-An-Hour-Need-More-Coffee_Monday.

I purchased at Ulta paying $25.00+ but have found it on Amazon and Target for $10.00 less.  Live and learn! So for $15.00 +tax, this is a definite gotta-try product.

I also like the little deep amber bottle sitting on my vanity tray along with all the other bottles and jars.  It glows among them. 

If you try, let me know if you see results.  In other words, let me know if you think I am crazy or genius (latter preferred). 

Thanks for stopping by moonlight lane.