A Catch Up

After a long pause, I am returning to posting and with fingers crossed, hope to be more disciplined with regular posts.  Although the blog has been here for a long time, I just haven't felt it.  But oh, how I want to feel it.  So here I go.

A couple of months ago, my 100-year old neighbor, GM, took a tumble and went off to the hospital.  She sustained a slight pelvic fracture that keeps her off balance so spent weeks in assisted living under lockdown.  She is now home, living on her own and no longer needs her walker.  An avid reader which, to my mind, is what has kept her sharp, she is an amazing woman of stamina and good cheer and an example of how to thrive as we age.  

Within days of GM's fall, my neighbor to the left of me passed.  She struggled for years against cancer, subsequent kidney failure, and finally a heart attack took her. She distained self-pity and embodied tenacity and grit through all her last year of life. 

Two days after her passing, my neighbor to the right of me moved to assisted living.  She has early-onset dementia.  Looking back on the last five years, subtle symptoms have been there but as with all subtle things, you don't notice until something, one thing, hits you Blam! in the face and you see.  She has now relocated to Florida and am happy to report she is thriving. I do miss her lovely British accent, her floppy blue hat and effervescent giggle.

So in a matter of three weeks, my Moonlight Lane changed.  Our entire 55+ neighborhood has been struggling these past months.  The pandemic has forced already isolated neighbors to become more so. They can no longer go to the market or pharmacy.  Pop over to  MacDonald's for a favorite soda and burger or go to the theater. Yet we marshal on and find reasons to smile under our masks.

Mr. B had another surgery to repair his original bypass.  It was so odd to just drop him off on a Friday to then pick him up on Monday without one visit.  Another privilege the virus has denied. Happily, his recovery was a breeze this time and i am deeply grateful to his gifted surgeon and the Universe.

To no surprise, I have changed too.  Working from home has been liberating. I find I have more time to live and less stress to interrupt it. With all this extra time I am free to nurture soul and body.  I have lost 20 pounds!  Didn't use any special method or routine. I will post on this at another time.  

So there is my abridged update! As we head into the Thanksgiving week with so much changed, I look forward to the comfort of hearth and home.  I will be sharing more of my days, recipes, garden, crafts (so many on that list - old and new), the tips to my weight loss, and the beauty that I find along the way.