Sunday Musings

A beautiful but brisk Sunday morning.  
A cool 46F here but birds are singing and dogs are snoring.

Today my California "region" i.e. all of southern California enters a new three week lockdown.  Stay at home orders from the Governor to slow the spread.  You see, our available ICU bed capacity has fallen to 12%, below the 15% mandate.  So when the clock strikes 12 midnight, we are all back in our homes.
Honestly, it is what I have been doing all these nine months so not too much change for me.  I feel terrible for the salons {my daughter is a stylist down in San Diego}, stores, restaurants and their staff, as this is quite hard at a horrible time of year.  But it is far worse for the police, firefighters, EMTs, hospital staff, nurses & doctors so we must all do our part and Wear a Mask!!!

A Gift

My most talented and charming neighbor
gifted the girl gnome with her long pigtails to keep my little old man company!
Diana is obsessed this holiday season with making these adorable holiday dolls,
We call them Gnomes but their true names are Tomte / Tonttu / Nisse.
Here is a bit of the Legend ...
Tomte (Swedish) or Tonttu (Finnish, also called Nisse in Norway) are solitary, mischievous domestic spirits, responsible for the protection and welfare of a farmstead and its buildings. Tomte have a love for tradition, they don’t like change. They are ancestral figures who demand respect. Tomte literally means ‘homestead man’ and is derived from the word ‘tomt’ which means homestead or building. Nisse, as he is called in Norway, is derived from the name Nils, which is the Scandinavian form of St. Nicholas. A tomte is described as a little old man, three feet high, with a long white beard, wearing grey, brown or navy clothes with traditional boots and sporting a bright red cap on his head. There are different dress codes for the different types of tomtes. The ones living in the stables with the animals wear mostly grey clothes while the ones in the main house are dressed more neatly, combining some colour with the grey, such as blue or dark green.
You can read the full story at Skandium.  
Good story told well and some adorable images.

Diana has many talents, painting, card making, and sewing.  
Her home is beautifully decorated and she brightens up home and garden each season / holiday.  A charming woman with a wicked wit.

So in the spirit of this gift exchange holiday, I am going to craft a gift for her. 
Original inspiration comes from the uber-creative, Nicki Franklin 
and her offerings in her US Etsy shop.  
Here is my poor imitation ... 

We'll just see how this turns out! 

Mentioning Nicki Franklin and The Stitchery, 
here is a piece that I just completed. 
It is her Summer Tree kit and a delight to work.
All leaves are French Knots and you can just pick and poke through it.
Perfect to pick up for moments at a time or whilst "watching" the news.

The "antiqueing" is by my hand.
I knocked a cup of coffee off the table and splosh! onto the nearly finished piece and rug.  Needless to say, Merde and other fine English slang was spoken.  But no use in crying over spilled milk or coffee!
I have this hung in my kitchen to admire when waiting for the pot to boil.
 Her kits are a joy to work and are definitely worth the wait as she ships from the UK.  She also has digital downloads in which one will be my January work.  A pretty heart of flowers with French knots and bullion knot.  No, I have never done a bullion knot but there are tutorials on YouTube that make them look easy-peasy!  Ahem, we will see.

So off to the store I go this morning.  
Need to stock up for next week because at the stroke of 12 midnight, 
California turns into Cinderella.

Please stay safe.  Please stay well.
Please wear your mask.