Monthly Maintenance

The third, fourth, fifth time is a charm. . .

  We have struggled with our garbage disposal jamming and rough running since moving to Moonlight Lane.  
It was last serviced at the beginning of June, 
ran well for about two weeks only to return to its old growl and groan again.
Last weekend it finally gave up and would not budge. 
We tried all the usual tricks;  
wooden spoons down the top hoping to force the blades to move, 
the crank at the base, 
resetting the red button multiple times, 
begging, pleading, to no avail.  
It was f.r.o.z.e.n.
I spent two days mourning its demise and the upcoming expense of yet another service to finally call in the troops . . .

Simply put, AHS is Great!  
Since Moonlight Lane is 50 years old, 
we knew that things would begin to need service and replacement. 
(someday I will share our Samsung icemaker issues 🙄) 
We love American Home Shield.  
They have a $75.00 service call fee in our area, great customer service, 
and send out the nicest, talented contractors.  
Our friendly service tech arrived on Friday morning as promised.
Mr. Moonlight shared the date of the last service and the tech took one look at 
Old Rusty (the disposal, not Mr. Moonlight) and with a nod said, 
"Yup, this needs to be replaced.  Lucky I just happen to have one in my truck."  
Said truck was a Mercedes by the way . . . nothing but the best for me!
And Ta-Da! Here is the new gal all shiney and new!

Isn't she just adorable?  

Well with a new disposal, I need to up the sink and drains' game. 
Our kitchen is in the brightest, sunniest spot of our home so on sunny days those pipes below get really warm and emit a  most funky smell  from the build up of gunk and grease.  👃 Ewwww! 

Decided to do a little comparison of drain cleaners. 
A while ago, Ibought a drain cleaner called Plink Fizzy Drain from Walmart.

Reasonably priced, under $4.00, it went into my cart for pickup.
I never shopped at Walmart before the pandemic but jumped right in when I could order on line and pick up while safely in my car.  
I digress ...
As you can see, I have used it a couple of times before.
This is Fresh-lemon-scented but honestly, I have never smelled the lemon when processing.
Hmmmmm  🤔

The other contender in this challenge is Baking Soda and Vinegar.

Also purchased from Walmart.  Baking soda at .60 and vinegar at $2.60 for a gallon.  
Better bang for my buck 
considering I can use both of these elsewhere in the house and garden.

Started with the Plink.
 Per directions, run tap water until it is smokin' hot.  
Put the Plink tablet on the drain and run the water directly over the tablet.

In no time it disoves and you just have to trust it to clean out the gunk. 
No drama. No fireworks.
A little anti-climactic, I must say.

Next up is the home-remedy.

I used 1/3 cup but you use whatever quantity you feel like. 
You. Are. In. Control. 
Dump it into the drain.  
It won't all go down the drain but if some does, don't stress it.
I also sprinkle some around the sink as that will shine it up too. 

Then add some glugs of vinegar.  
I don't measure.  Yes, I am a rebel.
Just pour over the baking soda and watch the fizz bubble and froth in the sink.  
I let this linger in the drain and pipe for a bit.  
Let those bubbles do their work on the grease and gunk.

Once it has had a chance to work, I rinse with warm/hot water and scrub the sink out as well.
Then a final rinse!
Shiney sink and the drain is free of stench. 

That's It!
In my esteemed opinion, the baking soda and vinegar is the best option as it does double duty  -  drain and sink cleaned up and free of icky smells.

I am sure that Mr. C agrees....

Now, wasn't that a sexy post?